Stainless Steel Mesh Series

Stainless Steel Mesh,Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Mesh……

Wire Mesh Fence series

Temporary Fencing, Chain Link Fence, Europe Style Fence, Ornamental Fence, Traffic barrier……

Welded Wire Mesh Series

Welded Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh Panel, Welded wire mesh Roll, Reinforcing Mesh……

Woven Mesh Series

Hexagonal Wire Netting, Black Wire Cloth, Gabion Box……

Plate Mesh Series

Perforated Metal Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh……

Metal Wire

Flat Wire, PVC Coated Wire, Galvanized Wire, Black Annealed Wire, Cut Wire……

About Us

HeBei Boyang hardware wire mesh products Co., Ltd. is a large production enterprise which engaged in manufacturing, new product development, domestic trade, international trade as well. The company was founded in 1992, have two professional factories——the stainless steel wire mesh factory and wire mesh fencing factory.

Our Main Products

We value our reputation and are happy to provide you with quality products including Stainless steel mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, Square wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh Panel, Reinforcing Mesh, Wire mesh fence, Chain link fence, Temporary Fenncing, gabion box, and other wire mesh products.Learn More


Whatever your need may be, contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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