Dutch Mesh Fence

Fence post: Made of steel sheet by one time pressing. Also called swallowtail fence posts.
Dutch Mesh Fence: Originated in Europe, made of Q195 low carbon steel wire through the machine welding. A new type of reinforcement steel structure, a high-performance structural materials, can be used for making floor, roof, floors, walls and bridges, road, water transporting, oil pipelines, canals, dams, airports, tunnels and other fields. Also now widely used for fencings, the exhibition area and decoration.

Finish: PVC thermoplastic powder dip or PE, PP sulfide-protected welding.
Fence post production: Low-carbon steel tube extruded into the swallowtail type cylinder into abrasive blasting spray treatment.
Types: Dutch mesh panels and rolls.
Applications: Fencing for highway, railway, airport, stadium golf course, residential area, port, oil stations, farming, animal husbandry and the mountains.

Common Specifications:
Opening: 50×50mm/50×100mm/50×150mm
Wire diameter with coating: 2,5mm/2.8mm/3,0mm
Length: 12-30m
Height: 1-2m

Fence Post: Diameter 30 and 48mm, wall thickness 0.8 to 1.5mm. The length is commonly 40cm more than the panels for burying. Fitted with caps and screws.

Oblique support: Generally 28 tube and 30 tube

Dutch Mesh Fence Application Examples:

   Dutch Mesh Fence  BY—1                        Dutch Mesh Fence BY—2                       Dutch Mesh Fence BY—3

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