Peach Post Fence

Features: Connected by curved fence panel and peach-shape posts. Decorative, fashionable, beautiful and secure.
Panel materials: Q195、Q235 low carbon steel wire
Fence post outlook features: Peach shape post. 

Fence post structure: In general, the plate thickness of peach post is 1-1.2mm then finished through machine cold pressing and bending. Post outside shape is ellipse, inside both plate connected then bended to U type to outside for hanger section. In order to conveniently connecting of peach post and mesh panel, N series hanger gap spread over insides of post along the length side of post. And outside of hanger U type is connected the ellipse post straight side. It can effectively protect it from being prized up, guarantee the safety of the whole fencing.

Surface treatment styles: Galvanized and spray coating. Thee surface treatment adds decorative effect to the products and ensures a long service life of minimum ten years by strengthening the anti-corrosion function.

Panel size: 50x100mm; 50x150mm; 100×200mm
Diameter: 4.5-6mm
Height: 1000mm-2500mm
Surface treatment: Plastic dipping or spraying for panels; plastic spraying for posts.
Colors: 6005 dark green, grey, white, yellow, lawn green and red. Same colors are used for panels and posts commonly, while different colors can also be used to form a contrast.

Peach Shape Post Fence is used in villas, gardens and lawns:

              Euro Fence By-1                                           Euro Fence by—2                                     Euro Fence by--3

Peach shape post fence is also widely used for tourist sites, airport, sports, railway stations, seaport, mines   and enterprises and prisons fencing and isolation.

Applications of Y and semi-Y shape Euro style fences:

Semi-Y Barbed Wire Fence by—4                        Semi-Y Fence by—5                           Semi-Y Fence by---6

Europe deformation of the guardrail instance:



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