Plate Mesh

Perforated Metal MeshPerforated Metal Mesh

Material: Mild steel perforated metal screen; galvanized iron perforated metal screen; aluminum perforated metal screen; stainless steel perforated metal screen; perforated metal sheets in other materials......Learn More

Expanded Metal MeshExpanded Metal Mesh

Material: Carbon steel plate, Stainless steel plate, Aluminium steel plate, Cuprum steel plate, Nickel steel plate, Titanium steel plate.....Learn More

Tortoise Shell MeshTortoise Shell Mesh

It is our new product named Tortoise Shell Mesh, which can reinforce high-temperature-resistance lining materials. It is made of carbon steel (A3F) or special material 0Cr12. It is spot welded to the interior wall of the boiler or hot air tunnel.....Learn More