Canada Temporary Fence Test Process

Canada Temporary Fence Test  Process:


 Test Iron Wire Diameter BY--01

 Straight and Cut  BY--02

     Weld The Panel BY--03


Test  Panel DiameterBY--04

 Test  Panel Mesh BY--05

Test Panel Width BY--06


 Test Panel Length BY--07

 Test  Panel Diagonal BY--08

Test Frame Fence DiameterBY--09

 Test Frame Fence Mesh BY--10

 Test Frame Fence Length BY--11

Test Frame Fence Hight BY--12


Test Frame Fence Diagonal BY--13

 Test Pipe Thickness  BY--14

 Test The Margin BY--15


 Test Pipe Length BY--16

 Test  Post Connection BY--17

 Temporary Fence BY--18


 Feet  And Clamp BY--19

 Test Clamp BY--20

 Clamp Specification BY--21




 Test Feet Length BY--22

 Test Feet Width BY--23

 Feet Specification BY--24


 Feet  Install BY--25

 Clamp Install BY--26

 Fence Install BY--27

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