Crimped Stainless Steel Mesh

Description: the Crimped Stainless Steel Mesh has four kinds of weaving styles.

plain crimped: widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, mechanical accessories, protective             netting, packaging netting,barbecue netting, vibration screen, cooking utensils, can also be used for classification  of solid materials screening, liquid and slurry  filtration, aquaculture, civil and so on. 

Intermediate crimped:Crimped Stainless Steel Mesh Used in coarse weaves of lighter gauge wire to provide greater stability, tightness of weave  and maximum rigidity.Verycommon in mesh openings larger than 1/2".

Lock crimped: Used only in coarse specifications to maintain the accuracy of weave throughout screen life where the  opening is large with respect to wire diameter (3 to 1, or greater)  

Flat top crimped: Usually starts at 5/8" opening and larger. Provides long abrasive resistant life since there are no  projections on top to wear.Offers least resistance to flow. Also very popular in certain architectural and structural  applications where a smooth surface on one side is  desirable.

                                             Plain Crimped                                                       Intermediate Crimped

                               Look  Crimped                                                                        Flat Top Crimped


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