Temporary Fence With Plastic Feet

Temporary fence with plastic feet 

Plastic temporary fence is consist of welded wire mesh panel、round tube frame(square tube frame)、plastic feet and top connection. This kind of fence has a superior structure, the globality、mobility and environmental suitability is very good .The fence is easy transport , dismantle easily ,low cost . It has the advantage of one cost, many times used.

The plastic feet temporary fence ,simple feet temporary fence, cast iron temporary fence and  concrete feet temporary fence are all belong to the temporary fence .The following induction is all about the temporary fence.

When using the plastic feet fix the temporary fence, we should fill the feet with water or sand to increase the height of the feet. In this way, the temporary fence will have a good robustness.      



Material of temporary fence: use the Q195, Q235 high quality low carbon steel wire,

Process of the temporary fence: welded the panel--- welded the frame- connect the panel and the frame—make the top accessories – polish— make the surface treatment according to the customers’ advice.

Surface treatment include: hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated and plastic spraying. The color is available for the customers’ advice.

Size of temporary fence: 1.5*2.95m, 1.8*2.95m

Hole size: 50*100mm, 75*150mm, 100*200mm

Diameter: 3.5mm, 4.00mm,4.5mm

Frame of the temporary fence:

Round tube : 30*30*1.5mm,32*32*1.5mm , 40*40*1.5mm

Square tube: 30*30*1.5 mm, 32*32*1.5mm , 40*40*1.5mm

Rectangular tube: 25*30*1.5mm   30*40*1.5mm

In order to keep the panel more fastness, you can add an internal frame in both sides.


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